Credit: Wetpaint Entertainment

You know the saying: Enquiring minds want to know! We wanna make sure you have the best experience earning sweet rewards through Viggle Points on Wetpaint, so we're here to answer your burning questions.

Do I have to watch the whole video to earn Viggle Points?
Yep! But our videos are awesome and fun, so you'll enjoy 'em. Pro tip: No fast-forwarding!

Does the music from Viggle Store automatically go into my iTunes library, or does it get saved to a music folder?
It will be saved to a music folder, and you can import them into iTunes from there.

Can I earn points on Wetpaint any other ways besides watching videos?
Not yet, but stay tuned…

Do my points from the Viggle app and from the Wetpaint site automatically combine in Viggle Store?
Yes indeedy — as long as you use the same Facebook account to sign in into both, or the email address you use to log into Viggle matches the primary email address of your Facebook account.

I don't have Facebook. Can I still earn points on Wetpaint?
You need a Facebook account to earn points on Wetpaint, but you don't to earn points with the Viggle app!

I have Facebook, but I don't have the Viggle app. After I watch a video, where will my points go?
You'll still be earning points to spend in Viggle Store. But bear in mind that the app has more ways to earn points — and more rewards!

I don't have a Facebook or Viggle account. Am I eligible to earn points?
You need a Facebook account to earn points on Wetpaint — and a Viggle account to earn points through the app. If you have both, you can earn points both ways!

Do I need to download the Viggle app to redeem my points?
Nope! You can redeem your points on Viggle Store without the app — but the app has different rewards and ways to earn points faster.

I have the Viggle app, but I didn't sign up through Facebook. Will points earned on Wetpaint be added to my existing Viggle account?
As long as your primary email address on Facebook matches the one with which you signed up for Viggle, you're golden!

I have two Facebook accounts — one I use for apps like Viggle and one I use for everything else. Do I need to use the same account to earn points?
If you want the points to accumulate, you need to use just one account.

I have a Viggle account and signed up with Facebook, and the accounts aren't syncing.
Make sure that the email address with which you signed up for Viggle matches your primary email address on Facebook. (Go to Settings > General in Facebook to check.)

How do I see my points balance?
Go to Viggle Store and log in — your balance will appear in the upper-right corner.