Hotelier Vikram Chatwal Accused of Trying to Burn Two Dogs (VIDEO)
Vikram Chatwal, Lindsay Lohan
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Hotelier Vikram Chatwal Accused of Trying to Burn Two Dogs (VIDEO)


Dream Hotel Group co-founder Vikram Chatwal is caught up in a nightmare scenario — he is under investigation for allegedly trying to burn two dogs.

The 44-year-old — who was once close friends with Lindsay Lohan — is accused of using a spray can and a lighter to singe the backs of the two pups outside his apartment the afternoon of October 7.

It all happened when Isabell Suquilanda, 29, and her pooches strolled past 21 Wooster St. and were accosted by a man, The New York Post reports. Apparently, he tried to torch the dogs because of their fleas.

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“I was walking down the street, and I saw this guy crouching and aggressively circling this woman and the dogs screaming at them, with a lighter and aerosol can spraying fire on the dogs,” eyewitness Roxanne Robles told The Post.

“I was screaming my head off. ‘What the f—k are you doing?!’ I interrupted it.”

TMZ reports NYPD got the call and arrived on the scene, but Vikram wasn’t there. Now cops are investigating the allegations and are looking for Vikram at the moment. He could be charged with reckless endangerment.

The Post adds the police have obtained video of Vikram apologizing to the dog’s owner.

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FYI, he and Lindsay used to party together around 2013, going to rehab for drug problems at the same time and hanging out against the advice of drug counselors.