Bachelor “Villain” Vienna Giardi Opens Up About Life After Reality TV

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Bachelor “Villain” Vienna Giardi Opens Up About Life After Reality TV

Love her or hate her, Vienna Giardi left a memorable mark on Season 14 of The Bachelor. The then 23-year-old Florida native took home the ring only to crash and burn alongside Bachelor Jake Pavelka during a TV special the likes of which ABC is still trying to recreate.

But what happened once Vienna finally left the building?

Well, she didn’t actually leave. Gal pal decided to ride the reality TV train a little bit longer. Her first stop post-Pavelka? Bachelor Pad 2, where she met convict-to-be Kasey Kahl and ignited the kind of on-air romance of which producers only dream.

Sadly, though, all good things must come to an end and, fittingly, Kasey and Vienna met theirs at the hands of Dr. Drew on the first season of Couples Therapy (aka stop #2 on the let’s get famous tour).

Since then, Vienna claims she’s lost her taste for reality TV, telling Radar, “I understand now that reality TV isn’t reality.” That is unless the Kardashians come a-callin’.

Bachelor “Villain” Vienna Giardi Opens Up About Life After Reality TV
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Less surprising than her on-again, off-again romance with the limelight, however, is Vienna’s current relationship status. She’s single, people!

“I’m really focusing on myself and my career, and if something great comes along, I’m all for it, but I’m not looking,” she explained.

To fill the man-shaped hole in her schedule, Vienna’s turned to fitness. She’s hoping to lose the 35 pounds she brought home from L.A. with Crossfit, yoga, and healthy eating. She’s also finally putting that degree from the University of Central Florida to good use, helping veterans find jobs. Sounds like a good way for girlfriend to balance out the negative karma she raked in at Bachelor Mansion.

Speaking of which, Vienna’s got a piece of advice for the current season’s supposed villain, Ben Scott.

“Don’t take anything to heart. No one really knows who you are and you have to understand that isn’t just a TV show. It’s entertainment. Make the most of the experience then move on.”

Vienna, girl: Please, please, please practice what you preach.

Source: Radar