Game of Thrones Villains: Who’s The Evilest Person Left? (POLL)
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Villains: Who’s The Evilest Person Left? (POLL)

Game of Thrones Season 4 saw the exit of a number of the show’s best villains. Joffrey, Tywin, Karl Tanner, Rast, and other dastardly minor characters all met their end in the bloodiest season yet, but there are still plenty of baddies left to wreak havoc. Of the remaining villains, who’s the worst one?

The Mountain. The Hound’s brother returned in Season 4 to remind us all how terrible he is, and his admitting to raping Elia Martell and murdering her children didn’t really help his reputation. This guy was seemingly born evil, mutilating his brother as a child just because he played with his toy. Age hasn’t made him any nicer.

Cersei. Cersei is straight up mean. While she’s clearly not as vicious as some of the others on this list, she doesn’t have to be; she can get others to do her dirty work for her. And let’s not forget, she rigged a trial to have her own brother killed not because she thought he was guilty, but because she hates him. That’s pretty evil.

Ramsay Bolton. The most obvious candidate for Joffrey’s now-vacant seat of “most despicable character,” Ramsay is one messed up guy. He enjoys torture more than anyone else on this list, with credits ranging from hunting ex-girlfriends with hounds to castrating his captives. We don’t see Ramsay turning good anytime soon, and he’s probably the closest thing on this list to pure evil.

Roose Bolton. While certainly less obviously evil than his bastard son, there’s something downright eerie about Roose. His calm demeanor in the face of chaos makes us uneasy, and even though he turns a blind eye to Ramsay’s torturing, we get the feeling that he’s proud of his son. After all, he did legitimize him after he turned a proud man into a pathetic creature. Oh, and let's not forget that he had a big hand the the Red Wedding.

Walder Frey. We didn’t see Walder in Season 4, but that doesn’t mean the old geezer isn’t cooking up more sick plots somewhere. We’ll never forget that smug grin he had on his face during the Red Wedding, all because someone didn’t marry his daughter. He then showed how little he actually cares about marriages by not even flinching at the death of his own wife. If Walder shows up in Season 5, he could be public enemy number one.

The White Walkers. While we don’t have just one of these guys to compare to the rest, the White Walkers sure act evil. They kill people for no reason, they raise the dead, and they kidnap human babies to turn them into White Walkers. While it’s likely we don’t understand them fully yet, they certainly don’t seem like good guys.

Who do you think is the most evil villain left on Game of Thrones?

There aren't any great villains left.

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