Vinny Guadagnino Reveals 5 Surprising Facts About Himself
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Vinny Guadagnino Reveals 5 Surprising Facts About Himself

Yo guys! We're gonna play a little game.Ask me ANYTHING,” Vinny recently tweeted. Fans immediately began asking him questions, and one of our favorite fresh-to-death guidos responded right away. Here are five crazy fun facts about Vinny you may not have known...

1. He loves Denzel Washington. One fan asked if he could work with any actor soon, who would it be, and Vinny had an easy answer: “Denzel.” Hmm, we’d like to see that happen one day...

2. His favorite song is NOT a house song! Though you might assume that our favorite guidos and guidettes prefer house music to fis- pump to, Vinny’s favorite song is actually a country song: “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash!

3. He secretly wants to work for the CIA. When one fan asked if he could choose any other profession besides reality star and television host, Vinny knew his answer: “CIA Agent.”

4. He’s a huge Michael Jackson fan. A fan asked if Vinny could bring anyone back from the dead and have lunch with them, who would it be, and Vinny answered: “Michael Jackson.” We wonder what his favorite MJ song is!

5. He loves classic movies. Vinny’s favorite movie isn’t the latest comedy or even an action film, but a classic: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Are you surprised to learn these facts about Vinny? Tell us below!

05.29.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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