Credit: Vinny Guadagnino on Instagram Photo: STILL: Vinny Guadagnino Cries in Shower After Listening to Drake

Two things Vinny Guadagnino loves: making funny Instagram videos and the wheelchair-bound-Degrassi-star-turned-rapper, Drake. And he finally found a way to combine the two.

In his latest Vine-style vid, Vinny illustrates how he feels before and after he listens to Drake. Before, he’s all, “Hey bro, I’m single. We out tonight? OK, bitches and bottles all night long!”

But after he listens to Drake, he’s in the shower, sobbing hysterically. We can’t tell if he’s actually naked, but he’s showing off his tattoos as he sits in the tub. Recognize the shower? It’s the same one he bragged about in his latest Keek — the one that plays music!

Earlier this summer, Vinny also expressed his love for Drake via video when he recorded his own twist on the song “Versace” called “No Versace.” He even filmed a music video for his cover!

We wonder if Drake’s heard that Vinny’s such a huge fan. Maybe they’ll collaborate on a song in the future? It wouldn’t be the first time Vin’s admiration for a celeb became mutual!

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