The highly anticipated Breaking Bad series finale aired last night, and if you’re feeling a little sad this morning, don’t worry — you’re in good company. Former Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino is pretty bummed, too.

And to commemorate the season’s end, Vinny shared a photo he took with Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston on Instagram. The two posed together on the Good Morning America set in 2012, when Bryan and the Jersey Shore cast were both guests on the show. We love how pumped Vinny looks to be meeting one of his favorite celebrities even at such an early hour! “#GoodbyeBreakingBad,” Vinny said. “#bejealous."

Vinny’s Twitter timeline was filled with BB related tweets last night, too. In honor of the show, he sported a Breaking Bad t-shirt as he watched the final episode. “#ThankYouBreakingBad for the best show I've ever watched,” he said.

We always love Vinny’s excitement when he meets his favorite celebrities. Like when he met his childhood (and probably current) crush, Scary Spice, on the set of the America’s Got Talent — massive dream-come-true grin!

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