Vinny Had a Pet Shark When He Was 17
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Vinny Had a Pet Shark When He Was 17

It looks like Vinny and Snooki are a little more perfect for each other than we could possibly have imagined. Apparently, when Vin was a teenager, he was a regular Dr. Doolittle, just like Snooki once strove to be before she hit it big on Jersey Shore. We know, of course, that Snooki was studying to be a vet tech before she got picked up by MTV, and she still works with animal organizations and charities, even opting to carry out her community service sentence for being criminally annoying at an animal shelter.

Vinny, Snooki's one-time friend-with-benefits, practically turned his house into a zoo at the age of 17. He kept snakes, ferrets, cats, dogs, a hedgehog, and even a shark as pets. "It's easier to say what pets didn't he have, 'cause he was into every kind of pet you can imagine," says Vinny's Uncle Angelo.

"I've always been into animals, like, my whole life," Vinny admits. "I had a shark, a real-deal shark in a 55-gallon saltwater tank. I was so corny. I would get my webcam, and I used to put the webcam into the tank. I used to play Jaws and feed the shark goldfish, live goldfish, while I was playing Jaws. ... It was pretty cool, nonetheless, not gonna lie."

We hope the next Shore house has a fish tank with a shark in it. Although, we run the risk of Snooki trying to "rescue" it by throwing it into the water at the beach.

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