Vinny’s Uncle Nino Gets “Glitter Bombed” With Ke$ha on The Show With Vinny! (VIDEO)
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Vinny’s Uncle Nino Gets “Glitter Bombed” With Ke$ha on The Show With Vinny! (VIDEO)

In case you missed the season premiere sneak peek episode of The Show With Vinny last night, here’s a quick rundown: Vinny introduces his Staten Island home where he’ll be hosting his celebrity guest stars, chats with Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie, and is witness to Ke$ha giving his Uncle Nino a glitter shower! (Spoiler: Uncle Nino loved it, of course!)

It’s a pretty awesome episode, and we get to see a bit of his adorable mom Paola too! Watching Vinny meet Mark and Anthony was pretty cool, but in our opinion, the highlight of the episode was crazy Uncle Nino get “glittered bombed” by Ke$ha herself!

Naturally, when Vinny stood outside to introduce Ke$ha, Paola cutely interrupted him by walking outside and asking Vinny which hat he wanted to wear, much to Vinny’s annoyance.

After Vin told his mom and sisters that Ke$ha was coming, Paola went to go get some food for her in the kitchen and started looking her up on her iPhone. “K dollar sign...what does that mean, she has a lot of money?” Paola asked.

Ke$ha came in looking beautiful wearing nebula tights and a pretty black blazer. She told Vinny’s family that she loved how close they all were, and talked about growing up with her own awesome family, talked about how she first went out to LA to follow her dreams, and explained how and why she put the “$” in her name!

Vinny asked Ke$ha about her song called “Dinosaur”, which is about old, creepy guys, then explained that his Uncle Nino (who she was about to meet) was exactly that! Ke$ha had brought plenty of glitter with her (naturally), and even threw some on Vinny’s hair to start things out.

Vinny’s Uncle Nino Gets “Glitter Bombed” With Ke$ha on The Show With Vinny! (VIDEO)
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Ke$ha agreed to help “bathe” Uncle Nino in glitter. When he arrived, she thought she was funny, even though she could barely understand him! She told Nino that before shows, she gets naked and bathes herself in glitter, and Uncle Nino was eager to go along with it himself.

“I’m a professional,” Ke$ha explained, as she proceeded to cover him with oil and poured TONS of glitter all over his near-naked body! Uncle Nino kept calling he “Cashew”, and seemed to love the glitter bath while Vinny remarked he looked like “a gay leprechaun.” Yeah, you have to see it for yourself...

Yep, this sure as hell ain’t Leno or Letterman.

Watch the sneak peek episode below of Ke$ha “glittering” up Uncle Nino (and getting a bit creeped out by the old dinosaur), then tell us what you think in the comments!

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