Mom’s Rant About Graphic ‘Morning Sex’ Goes Viral (VIDEO)
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Mom’s Rant About Graphic ‘Morning Sex’ Goes Viral (VIDEO)

A mom in Naples, Florida, got a rude awakening the other morning, and she decided not to take it lying down.

Rebecca Seitz is a mother to two young boys. With her husband gone on a business trip, the family was having a lazy morning, eating breakfast and getting ready for their day by watching a little Good Morning America. As the show paused for a commercial break, Seitz was shocked to see a promo for the upcoming ABC drama, Betrayal, featuring a completely nude couple writhing in a steamy sex scene.

Alarmed and furious, Seitz decided to take to the internet to discuss how she felt about her kids getting exposed to “softcore porn” over breakfast. On her self-christened blog, the angry mom wrote, “This wasn’t primetime. This was a commercial about a primetime show airing while we all enjoy cornflakes and coffee and wish our kiddos a good morning. My kid saw that... Not because I took him to a movie wholly inappropriate for his age. Not because I quit parenting and just told him to turn on the TV at 10 p.m. and watch whatever."

Little did she know the post would soon go viral. Seitz was soon contacted by Fox News correspondent Tom Starnes for comment, and then featured on his Facebook page. Rebecca told the conservative website the Blaze, “I cannot ever be okay with naked people having sex in the middle of Good Morning America,” Seitz told The Blaze. “Sex is a beautiful exquisite gift between two people who are married.”

The last comment has gotten some backlash, with some people claiming that Rebecca is too conservative and over-protective of her kids, and that maybe she should lighten up a bit. Seitz has countered that she’s merely “drawing a line in the sand” regarding what she sees as exposing young children to pornography. Seitz says she has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commision regarding the advertisement.

Where do you stand on this issue, moms?

Source: Rebecca Seitz Blog, The Blaze

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08.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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