Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Vivian Darkbloom Ali’s Twin?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Is Vivian Darkbloom Ali’s Twin?

We’ve been operated under the assumption that Pretty Little LiarsAlison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) and Vivian Darkbloom are the same person that Ali liked to dress up as an alter ego and get into trouble outside Rosewood. But what if the alias belonged to someone else. Is Vivian Darkbloom actually Ali’s twin sister? Let's explore that theory...

The Moniker

Whether Vivian is Alison or her potential twin sister (named Courtney in the books), it makes sense that she would need a different name when conducting business outside of Rosewood. Much has been said about the Vivian Darkbloom moniker it is the name of a character in Lolita, as well as an anagram of the author’s name, Vladimir Nabokov. But, the name also has a darker connotation both literally and, therefore, figuratively. We think there are two Red Coats: a good one and a bad one. And we think Courtney might be the bad one, the “dark bloom.”

“Aren’t You Just Sick and Tired of Being You?”

In a Season 2 flashback, we see Hanna’s first interaction with Vivian Darkbloom: she runs into “Ali” at a hair salon in Brookhaven. When Hanna asks the girl why she is wearing a wig and pretending to be someone else, Vivian asks, “Aren’t you just sick and tired of being you?” Though this is something we could see Ali saying, we think it might make more sense if Courtney were saying it. In the books, Courtney is sent to Radley after Alison tricks their parents into thinking Courtney is mentally ill. If Courtney has to live her life in Radley because of her sister’s manipulations, we can imagine her wanting to be someone else. We can also understand wanting to obscure her identity when she sneaks out of the mental health facility.

Vivian Told Mona to Pretend They Didn’t Know One Another

In the Season 2 finale, we get another flashback featuring Vivian Darkbloom this one told from Mona’s perspective. In it, Mona sees Vivian in Brookhaven, spying on someone. Vivian tells Mona to play along with the idea that the two don’t even know one another. We think there may have been some truth in that “game.” We think this was the first time Mona and “Vivian” actually met.

Wren’s drawing

We haven’t heard mention of the name “Vivian Darkbloom” for some time now, but we have seen mention of her. In Season 4, Episode 10 (“The Mirror Has Three Faces”), Wren colors in a drawing of a red-coated brunette. Though we have a few theories about who the figure in the drawing might be, none of them make as much sense as Vivian Darkbloom. This implies that there is not only a blonde as Red Coat i.e. Alison but a brunette: Courtney.

Do you think Vivian Darkbloom is Alison or Courtney? Share your theories in the comments below!

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