The Voice Coach Usher Cooks You Breakfast… In His Underwear (PHOTO)
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The Voice Coach Usher Cooks You Breakfast… In His Underwear (PHOTO)

We don’t know about you, but we’ve imagined Usher cooking breakfast for us on many, many, many occasions. Whether he’s fully clothed or, um, less fully clothed, it’s always a nice fantasy. Well, now we can say with authority, the actual visual is better than anything we’ve imagined!

The sexy singer and coach on The Voice promised his social media fans earlier this week that, if they helped Team Usher singer Josh Kaufman win, he’d produce authentic evidence that he cooks breakfast in his skivvies. Truly a man of his word, Usher made good on that promise when he turned on the camera, dropped trou, and fried up some eggs (clearly demonstrating that he’s given up his vegan lifestyle).

With a banner on his window that reads “Usher #Winning,” the upcoming star of Hands of Stone says, "You guys kept up your end of the bargain and now I guess I have to do my part." At least that’s what we think he says. We were a little busy drooling all over ourselves. “So, what would you like for breakfast?” he asks. “I prefer Tuscan eggs.”

We have literally no idea what that is, but we’re pretty sure we’d eat raw oatmeal for breakfast if it was served to us by a nearly-nude Usher.

Source: Usher on Twitter, Instagram

05.23.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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