Vote Now! Are You Happy With the DWTS Season 13 Cast?
Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    
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Dancing With The Stars

Vote Now! Are You Happy With the DWTS Season 13 Cast?

We’re supposed to have strong opinions about the Dancing With the Stars cast — otherwise no one would care, the show wouldn’t get any attention or ratings, and it would wither and die like (wince) Skating With the Stars. We can’t let that happen!

Some fans are upset about Chaz Bono being on the show, because he’s transgender and/or because he’s heavy-set and/or for being Bristol Palin 2.0, in that he’s not so much a famous person as the child of a famous person (Cher), and said famous person is now rallying troops to his defense. Ryan O’Neal was supposed to be on the show but got knocked out due to an injury. He’d certainly be less controversial, but maybe more boring, too.

What are you thinking? Are you digging this cast? Are you reserving judgment until the show airs? Or are you already feeling angry or disappointed?

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