X Factor 2013: How Can I Vote?
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013: How Can I Vote?

Season 3 of The X Factor is all about options, including how you can cast your vote for your favorite contestant. With Live Shows officially underway, it’s time for a quick briefing on how you can make sure your top pick makes it through to the next round.

1. Yell at the screen. JK, don’t do that. We’ve tried it and no matter how loud we scream, Simon Cowell never seems to hear us...

2. Vote online! Heard of the internet? Good. Because you can use the magic intertubes to participate in this year’s X Factor. Either go to www.thexfactorusa.com/vote or visit the show’s official Facebook. You can reserve and assign up to 50 votes per Facebook account during each voting show. Use your votes however you choose on as many acts as you like. See, options!

3. There’s an app for that. Available on either Android or iOS device, The X Factor USA app allows you to vote from the device of your choice. You will need a Facebook account though, but we bet you already have one of those.

4. Shazam! Be even more cutting edge and use the Shazam App while watching the show. Just select the “Touch to Shazam” option in the app to be whisked off to the voting site.

5. Text it. Feeling old school? Watch for each performer’s individual keyword number onscreen. Jot it down and send that keyword to 21523. Demi Lovato may or may not respond back.

6. Call them, maybe? Feeling really old school? Then give Mario Lopez Fox a call using your favorite act’s assigned telephone number.

After each Wednesday show ends, you’ll have at least two hours to make your picks via phone call or text message and even more time to vote online. The voting app and Shazam app both close at 10 a.m. PT the Thursday following Wednesday’s Live Show. So prepare your devices and get ready to pick your next X Factor winner!

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