Here’s How Andrew Lincoln Wants Rick’s Final Scene to Go Down on ‘The Walking Dead’
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The Walking Dead

Here’s How Andrew Lincoln Wants Rick’s Final Scene to Go Down on ‘The Walking Dead’


We probably won’t be seeing the end of The Walking Dead (or Rick Grimes) any time soon. But Andrew Lincoln already has plans for that fateful day.


A lot of speculation has led to many theories for the show’s end, from fans’ believing Rick could still be in his coma, to Merle actor Michael Rooker’s proposal that the show is being told from an aging Carl’s memories.


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Now Andrew has thrown his sheriff’s hat into the imaginary ring.


During the 34th annual PaleyFest members of the cast participated in an audience Q&A session.


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Andrew was given the loaded question and wasted no time getting down to it.

He’s clearly had this planned in his head for a while!


According to MoviePilot, Andrew’s vision is rather fantastical: he imagines Rick as the savior of the human race.

"I'm just waiting to die, and I patch myself up and a day passes ... and I don't die. Holy shit, maybe I'm the cure! There's a high shot, and you see a herd of zombies coming, and Rick follows the tracks to go see Carl, and the herd walking toward him just separates and he walks through it!"

But… wouldn’t they just eat him instead?


The Walker Horde in The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere
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There’s no telling how Rick’s story will end in the comics, and even then the show could take an entirely different track, so Andrew’s guess is as good as anyone’s.

Bloody Rick Aims His Gun in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 11
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