A Closer Look at This ‘Walking Dead’ Scene Entirely Changes Carl’s Story
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The Walking Dead

A Closer Look at This ‘Walking Dead’ Scene Entirely Changes Carl’s Story


A close re-watch of this scene from The Walking Dead will change everything you thought you knew about Carl and Season 4.


The fourth season saw Rick broken and defeated after the Governor brutally decapitated Hershel.


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Rick had looked to Hershel as a father figure and the loss led to a very sick and depressed Sheriff.


Seeing this weakness, Carl unleashed his feelings to his father, who was unconscious at the time, telling him he could handle himself now.


The rant seemed a little unjustified at the time. Sure, Carl killed a couple walkers, but he nearly killed himself in the process. What got him so mad?


Well, it looks like Carl may have done a lot more for his dad than just take out a handful of zombies.


Carl Is Armed in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 2
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After Hershel’s untimely death, a deadly shootout occurs, ridding the survivors of the Governor for good.

An observant fan re-watched the scene and noticed an important detail.


Rick raises his gun to shoot the Governor the second Hershel falls, but Rick is emotional and definitely isn't aiming his weapon. He’s just shooting at random.

Carl, who has had his rifle trained on the villain the entire time, shoots immediately after his father does.


Watching the video with these things in mind, it certainly seems the younger Grimes was responsible for slowing the Governor’s rampage long enough for the group to find their footing (and Michonne her sword).


It’s no wonder Carl was so angry with Rick, from this perspective. He did something his father couldn't — ridding the world of a dangerous villain.


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