\'The Walking Dead\' Actor Shuts Down Your Favorite Fantasy Couple
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The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Shuts Down Your Favorite Fantasy Couple


Now that Richonne is officially a thing, fans have renewed hope their ultimate ship could come true.

But one The Walking Dead actor is here to shatter your dreams.

All TWD fans want is to see Carol and Daryl finally become the most epic power couple TV has ever seen.

But Tobin actor Jason Douglas kindly suggests we keep dreaming.

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According to Jason, a Carol/Daryl matchup just wouldn't work IRL.

“I mean, I get it with the fans who want the Carol and Daryl thing, but I am just telling you in real life you would not set those two people up with each other! You would not do it!”

We kind of think we would, Jason...


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Jason does have a pretty reasonable explanation for his stance: He just thinks the two work best as friends.

“They care about each other, they are deeply connected on a certain level and I would argue that — why do they need to hook up in order to validate the deep friendship they have? Think about it! They are already connected! That is how I feel about it!”

That's cool and all, but Carol deserves happiness after years of torture in an abusive relationship. Jason does have someone in mind for the fierce mama...

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Himself! Jason totally thinks Carol and Tobin were the perfect match.

“I think we can say that Tobin has probably lost children, and he certainly is a widower, and I think that Tobin and Carol make a connection and I think that there is a ease that they have with one another that enables them to have that connect."


Tobin and Carol in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12
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Jason admitted he believes the two found each other at just the right time.

“Their connection is something that both of them needed at a time in their life. Despite all of the ugliness in the world that they are in, they need to feel human.”

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