This Is Why ‘The Walking Dead’ Is The Best Comic Book Show On TV
The Walking Dead Cast Jokes Around on The Walking Dead Season 6 Set
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The Walking Dead

This Is Why ‘The Walking Dead’ Is The Best Comic Book Show On TV


Season 7 may have more downs than ups, and we’re still stinging over the loss of Glenn. But trust us, The Walking Dead is still the best comic book show on television.

Here's why the AMC series is head and shoulders above other comic book adaptations on the small screen.

Those Clothes

OK, so comic book shows are largely based on superheroes. But most superheroes are also giant nerds. While Cisco Ramone’s geeky pop-culture shirts are fun, they aren’t anything we haven’t seen at our local retailer.

And honestly, all that skin-tight leather looks super uncomfortable.


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Our survivors are definitely bringing back the early ‘90s grunge look. Boots, flannel, patches, and nobody ever washes their hair (except for Jesus, who is always on fleek).

Sure, their jeans have holes in them because they’ve been running from walkers all day, but that doesn’t stop them from looking hella stylish.


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Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Real Diversity

Racial diversity has progressed leaps and bounds in the past few years. Luke Cage’s cast is predominantly black. The Flash prominently features black and Latino lead actors.

But these shows almost exclusively feature traditionally attractive Hollywood types who are all totally straight.


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TWD features characters who are heavyset (Olivia), elderly in a non-Hollywood way (Hershel), and characters who are crazy thin (Sherry). We’ve seen religious survivors, atheists, and people struggling with their spirituality.

And, of course, the zombie show does not shy away from same-sex relationships.


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Real Problems That Sometimes Can’t Be Solved

Most comic book shows still wrap up whatever problem they’re having by the end of an episode.

Barry turns back time shattering the close relationship Joe and Iris once shared? No problem, simply tell them how they used to be besties in another dimension and they’ll automatically forget years of animosity!

And let’s not even get into how many problems Arrow has solved with some special (previously unknown) mystical gadget or Palmer-tech.


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The characters of TWD still struggle with their past experiences. Morgan suffers from PTSD and Rick is fully aware his “daughter” isn’t actually his. Father Gabriel and Eugene’s attempts to prove themselves brave have spanned multiple seasons each.

As for the villains, the Governor destroyed life at the prison in both Seasons 3 and 4, and it definitely looks like the war against Negan will be spilling into Season 8.

This might sound slow or boring, but it’s also human. People really do struggle with their flaws for years or even lifetimes. Real villains aren’t defeated in a day. TWD understands human setbacks and executes them perfectly.


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Crazy Love For The Fans

We can’t think of a single show that is as heavily involved with their fans. From cruises, to Twitter chats, to featured fan-art, TWD is proud of the people who keep their show going strong.

They even crown a new “biggest fan” every year and invite them to show events and Talking Dead episodes!

When you’re in this fandom, you’re in for life!


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