Walking Dead’s David Morrissey Cast in New Pilot: Is The Governor Gone?
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The Walking Dead

Walking Dead’s David Morrissey Cast in New Pilot: Is The Governor Gone?

Where do your loyalties lie, David Morrissey? Deadline Hollywood reports that the British actor, who portrays The Governor on The Walking Dead, will be a series regular in AMC's newest show, Line of Sight. Does this mean his time terrorizing Rick Grimes and his crew is coming to an end?

If you love to hate The Governor (and love the way David portrays him) as much as we do, we know you’d give your right eye to keep him on the show. But you can hold on to your depth perception, because he’s not going anywhere — at least not immediately.

While Season 4 will definitely feature David reprising his role, there’s a good deal of uncertainty about him surviving to the end of it. Granted, that’s true of basically any character on the show, when you get right down to it. Nobody said the zombie apocalypse was going to be easy, especially for a one-eyed psychopath.

If the bullet with The Governor’s name on it does finally catch up to him in the upcoming season, we’re at least glad to know we can find David Morrissey elsewhere. Hey — we won’t even have to change channels! In the upcoming pilot (directed by the Academy Award-winning director of Silence Of The Lambs, Jonathan Demme), David is slated to play “a National Transportation Safety Board investigator who survives a mysterious plane crash, bringing him on an emotionally disorienting quest to discover the accident’s cause.” Anyone else getting a Lost vibe?

Ladies and gentlemen, start your DVRs!

Source: Deadline Hollywood