The Walking Dead: What Is the Name of Michonne’s “Lover”?
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The Walking Dead: What Is the Name of Michonne’s “Lover”?

The Season 4 midseason premiere of The Walking Dead was on the slow side, but it provided us with an in-depth look at Michonne’s (Danai Gurira) past, which was well worth sitting through Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) eat his weight in chocolate pudding.

In a flashback dream sequence we learned that pre-apocalypse, Michonne had a young son with a lover named Mike and a passion for fine art. When we asked Viggle LIVE! users to name Michonne’s man, 57 percent of you correctly identified him as Mike, while 24 percent thought he was named Terry (which is actually the name of Mike’s pal from Michonne’s dream), and 19 percent believed his name was Patrick.

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We’ve only seen that brief glimpse of Mike so far, but seeing as how we still have to explore more of Michonne’s past in Season 4, we doubt we’ve seen the last of Michonne’s boo-turned-pet just yet.

After the dream, Michonne broke down and let viewers in just a bit, saying she missed Mike and their son, but once she followed Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Carl to the house they’re currently staying in and reunited with them, the door to her past was closed. However, it looks like we could learn a bit more about Michonne’s former life in next Sunday’s Episode 11: “Claimed.”

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