\'The Walking Dead\' Season 6 Episode 14 Recap: Denise Is Abraham-ed, Carol Is Gone
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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Episode 14 Recap: Denise Is Abraham-ed, Carol Is Gone


*Warning: The Walking Dead comic book SPOILERS referenced throughout!*

Denise: "You wanna live, you take chances. That's how it works."

Daryl "Pookie" Dixon (Norman Reedus) got his crossbow back in The Walking Dead Season 6's sad, beautiful, shocking, and kinda gross Episode 14, "Twice as Far," but "she" had done some very bad things in "her" time away.

Dwight (Austin Amelio) — who now has the half-burned face, and freshly bitten crotch, of the Savior we love-to-hate-to-love in the comic — used Daryl's crossbow to shoot Denise (Merritt Wever) through the head.

The good doctor is no longer in. That bites. Even harder than Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) bites. (Apparently he called dibs on Dwight's dick, too.)

Denise Cloyd Dies in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Alexandria no longer has a doctor at all, and the position may be as cursed as the Defense Against the Dark Arts post. However, as an aside, this does give Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) another good reason to move to Hilltop — to be closer to Dr. Harlan Carson, the obstetrician.

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In the comic, Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) was the one who got Dwight's crossbow kill, while Abe was out with Eugene, talking about Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos).

Abraham Killed in The Walking Dead Comic Book

Instead, it was like showrunner Scott Gimple was teasing us with the threat of Abraham dying as he did in the comic, by having Abe and Eugene go out on a supply run, then we got the “remix” of Denise’s death. Classic bait-and-switch.

But poor Denise. And poor Tara (Alanna Masterson). She lost another love interest, and we gained another entry for the Dead Lesbian Syndrome trope that recently left fans of The 100 enraged for Clexa.

Dr. Denise Kisses Tara in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 5
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Speaking of love interests ... the relationship drama is non-stop in 6B.

Abe may have dumped Rosita, but Eugene dumped Abe, then Abragene got back together, then Abe and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) went to Stage 2. And Rosita has apparently moved on to Spencer (Austin Nichols), which — on a superficial level — is like going from a 6 to a 9.5. But Spencer is no Abraham when it comes to one-liners and general badassery.

Meanwhile, Queen Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) kissed Tobin again, but she also left him a goodbye note. As CARYL-ERS FOR LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE, we'd cheer at this breakup, but Carol is clearly going through a serious(ly annoying) existential crisis, and leaving the group (again, this time by choice) is not a good thing. Plus, Daryl is feeling his own feelings and he is apparently about to go out to face Dwight and the Saviors himself, as revenge for Denise.

Instead of leaving separately, Daryl and Carol should either 1) leave together and fight their fights as Team Caryl, or 2) stay together, and fight their fights as Team Alexandria.

Daryl and Carol are not in the comic at this point, but so much of this episode was very tied to the book. For example, here's what Eugene did to Dwight in the comic:

Eugene Bites Dwight Crotch in The Walking Dead Comic

Talk about Mother Dick.

We last saw TV Dwight, and his wife (being called "Honey" on TV, not Sherry?) in “Always Accountable.” Daryl spared them. He invited them to Alexandria. They took Daryl’s stuff and said they were sorry. He said they were gonna be. But in the March 20 episode, Daryl was the one who was left feeling sorry that he didn’t kill those people instead of showing compassion. But he may have been right. Dwight may be sorry that he didn’t go with Daryl. Half of his face is probably sorry, anyway, and Dwight is too multifaceted to be boiled down to “bad guy.” Keep an eye on him.

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Daryl Takes Dwight’s Gun in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 6
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But what does Denise getting a version of Abraham’s death mean for Abraham’s future, and for the potential for more remixed deaths? (Hint, hint, Negan.) We’re still thinking Negan is going to kill the usual suspect, because so many other important dominos fall from that major event. Meanwhile, Morgan Jones (Lennie James) is building his jail cell, which may or may not house a certain someone once the all-out-war is won.

By the way, where's Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs)? If they do follow Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) comic book storyline on TV, Carl should have a fairly major role with him in Season 7. They wouldn't take that away from him, would they?


Read on for a full recap of Episode 614:

Eugene in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14
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The first shot is a garage door opening, with Olivia stacking her supplies. More of the quiet life in Alexandria. Eugene gets a gun (!) for patrol duty with Sasha. Morgan practices his staff work. Carol is smoking too much lately, and lounging on the porch with her rosary beds. Morgan is seen building his jail cell. Every town needs a church and a jail, right? Rick sees it and wants to know why. "It'll give you some choices next time." You don't have to kill. You can go back to being sheriff and contain. 

We head back through the same opening segment, presumably to show another day passing. Kind of a cool way to show time going by. Like Groundhog Day meets Notting Hill. Tobin kisses Carol (grrrrrrr) and seems to head off to work. 

Rosita prepares to head out, in her badass jacket. She should not be missing Abraham for a second. Because she has Spencer! Well done, Rosita. Abe is better with quotes, but Austin Nichols is a smokeshow.

Caryl on, everyone, with the scene from the sneak peek. Daryl got his bike back, and Carol asks about the people in the forest who took it from him. Carol says it's who he is, we're all stuck with who we are, but he says no he should've killed them. Daryl asks what the people who took her and Maggie did to them. "To US? They didn't do anything." The other way around is a different story. Another day goes by.

Daryl in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14
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Spencer is going to make his beer jerkey stroganoff! But Rosita is not impressed. Come on. He's hot. He can cook. What is her problem? Sorry that he's not orange? 

On the wall, we see Denise, ready to head out. She's holding a map. She wants to head to an apothecary to see if they have drugs. She asks Rosita and Daryl about it. Daryl notes that she's never been outside before, but she demands to go. She'll go alone if she has to. You'll die alone, Daryl says. She's asking him to make sure she doesn't. So they head out on a drive, and apparently Daryl can't drive stick. Denise can, though, and tries to give him pointers. Her brother taught her when she was 15. They stop when a felled tree blocks the road. Daryl and Rosita go out to check it, and leave Denise in the car. Apparently the tree rotted out, it wasn't people? There are walkers in the tree, though. Rosita got some stuff off them. 

They get out to walk past the tree. Daryl refuses to walk on the track, demanding that they go through the woods even though it's twice as far. But Daryl gets his way, because Denise wants them all to stick together, even though 1) he can't drive stick and 2) he's probably wrong about this. Yeah, train tracks led us to Terminus, but not all train tracks are evil. Don't stereotype!

Rosita Is Bloody in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 2
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It's raining! Finally we see rain, as Eugene and Abraham walk down an alley and talk about hair and stuff and thangs. Eugene no longer has his mullet. RIP Mullet Man. He's in the process of Stage 2. "I've changed. I've adapted. I'm a survivor." Abe: "Keep telling yourself that." So Eugene repeats it. It's a big episode for repetition. But Eugene has done more than enough to prove himself at this point, so give him a break.

Rosita took the tracks and got there before Denise and Daryl. Denise asks Rosita who taught her to fight, but it's kind of a sore subject. At least they all made it to Edison's OK. Daryl says he and Rosita will go in, and Denise has to stay back.

Apparently Eugene is running this supply mission, since Abraham didn't even know the mission. "We're gonna manufacture bullets here." Yes! This is his comic book storyline. Brilliant and so necessary. Abraham even compliments him. He's impressed. Then a walker shows up and things get messy. Abe: "I'm gonna hit pause, so I can kill that thing behind you." Eugene calls dibs on the metal-head walker. But he can't get it done, so Abraham jumps in. It turns into an alpha fight. "You had a better chance of picking up a turd by the clean end!" Ha! Eugene says Abaham's services are no longer required. "You've outlived your usefulness to me." Seems like they are trying to set up Abraham's death, only to switch it up. Abraham walks out on "a--hole" Eugene, and tells him to find his own way back. Should've thought of that one, Eug.

Abraham Ford in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 9
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

The other trio go inside the place. Denise sees photos of kids. Rosita finds the pharmacy, so Daryl tries to get inside. Oh, this place has the name keychains. Awesome. Daryl decides to take all the pharmacy stuff, which is a great idea and about time. But they hear something... Denise breaks out her knife and prepares to fight whatever is behind Door No. 1. Bad idea? She walks into the backroom, which has a crib ... oh no ... oh no ... Why is she going into this dark backroom on her own? The walker she finds is not a child (thankfully) but it's a gross woman with a cast. "Hush hush hush hush." Baby shoe and blood in the sink. Nasty. Denise sits outside and cries, with a Dennis keychain. The other two find her and Daryl says she did good to find this place. Rosita says she tried to tell Denise she wasn't ready. This is no time for "I told you so." 

Denise's brother was older by 6 minutes. Dennis was her twin brother. Nothing scared him, he was brave. He was angry, too, kind of a dangerous combination. Daryl: "Sounds like we had the same brother." Remember how Denise said Daryl reminded her of someone? Dennis. This time they go back the faster way. Are they going to make it so that Daryl was right, and train tracks are cursed?  

Denise strays from the tracks to look into a car window, with a walker inside. She says there's a cooler in there, and there may be something they can use inside. Daryl and Rosita say it's not worth the trouble. Is Denise feeling Dennis-ish? She goes to the passenger side and opens the door to get the cooler anyway. The walker woman fights her. She's like Eugene when it comes to fighting walkers, so Rosita and Daryl have to run back and save her. She says no, go. She uses her knife and kills the walker. Well done, Denise. Aaaaaaaan then she vomits. "I threw up on my glasses." The cooler had soda. Daryl yells at her that she could've died. Denise: "You want to live, you take chances. That's how it works." Denise makes speeches to both Daryl and Rosita about why she asked them along. She could've gone with Tara but she was afraid. That's what's stupid. Anytime anyone makes a speech on this show, it foreshadows their death. It's getting too obvious.

As with comic book Abraham, Denise dies in mid-speech. On the damn train tracks, too! But the Saviors come out of the woods, so the woods weren't any safer. Daryl sees that Dwight has Eugene. Dammit, Eugene. 

Half of Dwight's face asks Daryl if he has something to say to him. There are about a dozen guys there. Daryl just stares at Dwight, says he's still just getting the hang of "her," the crossbow. Daryl: "I should've killed you." Dwight agrees, but says it begs the question: Who brought this on who? Denise wasn't even the one he was aiming for, but the crossbow kicks like a bitch. Abraham is waiting in the wings, he's ready to save the day.

Did Eugene just sell out Abraham's location, or was that strategic, to distract the group. Yes, he used the time to bite Dwight's crotch! But Dwight got away. Back in Alexandria, it looks like Abraham was just grazed by a bullet and the antibiotics Denise got may save his life. Abe and Eugene make up and share respect. 

Abe makes his pitch to Sasha that they basically have one life to live. She invites him to come inside. So they are about to have some beef jerky stroganoff of their own.

We hear Carol's voice-over from her note to Tobin, breaking up with him and breaking up with Alexandria too. She's leaving again? She doesn't want anyone to go after her. Come on, Queen C.


Carol and Daryl, you get back here! Episode 15, “East,” is the penultimate hour of the season. Time to get scared! Catch up on a ton of Walking Dead spoilers, promos, teases, speculation and other nifty stuff at Wetpaint.com/walking-dead.

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