\'The Walking Dead\' Season 7 Episode 16 Recap: Winners and Losers
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The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 16 Recap: Winners and Losers


Each group is on the move and they all have their sights on Negan. 

Naturally, everything goes totally wrong and we are forced to say goodbye to even more of our favorite survivors.

We have the full scoop on The Walking Dead's mega-sized Season 7 finale.

"Don't go."

The episode opens with Sasha listening to music on a pair of headphones, but something isn't right. 

Her eyes are glassy and her breathing is tight. Oh, Sasha, what did you do?

As her consciousness begins to fade, she starts to have flashbacks of her days with Abraham. She remembers begging him not to leave to take Maggie to the Hilltop.

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Negan pays Sasha a visit and assures her she doesn't need to die; he plans to use her to solve the problem of the war.

He's brought her pancakes with a blueberry smiley face, but she isn't in a smiling mood.

"Keep talking."

Back in Alexandria, Rick wants to know why Dwight doesn't just kill Negan himself, but Dwight informs him that all the Saviors are Negan. It just isn't that simple.

Tara steps in and informs Dwight that the woman he killed was named "Denise" and she was a doctor. He tells her that he wasn't aiming for her and Daryl attacks. Tara sides with Daryl and calls for Dwight's death, but Dwight confesses that everything he did was for Sherry. The person who let Daryl out of his cell.


Tara angrily demands Daryl go through with it, but the Archer lets Dwight go.

Rosita tells the group that Sasha is in the Sanctuary and trusts Daryl's mercy toward Dwight as a sign that they should use him to get Sasha back.

Seizing the opportunity, Dwight spills everything about the Sanctuary and Negan's outposts.

Rick is onboard, but Daryl threatens he will kill their new ally "real slow" if he's lying.

"I gotta go."

As Sasha's flashbacks continue, she warns Abraham she dreamt of his death, but her reminiscing is cut short by Negan revealing his plan.

He expects Sasha to kill two or three of her people as "punishment," but she refuses. She insists no one has to die.

Negan agrees to lower his expectations just for her: he'll settle for just one death.


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Leaders in Their Rightful Places

Up at the Hilltop, Maggie is caught up to speed by Jesus and Enid.

She confesses that she doesn't know how to make this decision for an entire community, but Jesus has faith in her.

Meanwhile, the knights of the Kingdom are ready to march to war and Carol is giving the orders because of course she is.

The group comes across a seriously unhinged Morgan and both Carol and Ezekiel show concern for his well-being and whether or not he will become a danger to their fight.

Preparing for Battle

The Scavengers arrive at Alexandria and their leader tries to put the moves on Rick. Both the Sheriff and Michonne are very disturbed by the request, but they let it go. There's too much at stake to start a fight now.

Daryl, Rosita, and Aaron rig up bundles of dynamite to prepare for the fight ahead. Cars are driven into place as a roadblock and weapons are passed out — the army is ready.


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"You know what's gonna happen, how this is gonna end."

Sasha's flashbacks continue, and Abraham wants to know how he died in her dream. She tells him he was at the beach and he was pulled under by the current. She tried to save him but couldn't before she started to drown in the ocean as well. He tells her he hates the beach, but she insists on staying behind.

Eugene escorts Sasha out of her cell and tells her she will like it in the Sanctuary. He insists if anyone dies today it will be because of their own choices. It's the first thing they can agree on.

This episode certainly plays with the timeline! 

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"I'm Negan."

Meanwhile, Dwight does everything he can to slow Negan's progress on the way to Alexandria. Eugene thinks he may be able to use this downtime to convince Rick to give up his war plans.

He arrives at Alexandria and tells Rick he offers their only means of escape.

Rick asks where Negan is, and Eugene gives the standard reply: he is Negan. Rosita sees how far gone her former friend is and signals to the Sheriff, who gives her the go ahead. She attempts to set off the dynamite charge, but nothing happens.


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The Scavengers immediately turn on Rick, and Negan and his group walk right into the gate.

Michonne watches everything from a sniper tower but, before she can help, a Scavenger comes up behind her with a gun.

As Eugene says, "The jig is up."

"It felt real."

As usual, Negan starts cracking jokes before he orders everyone to put their guns down. Rick asks Jadis why the Scavengers turned on him, and she tells him Negan's people offered a better deal.

The Slugger orders Dwight and Simon into action and they remove a coffin from the back of a truck. He tells everyone that he likes Sasha just as much as they do. The charismatic villain tells the Alexandrians he's brought Sasha back in exchange for all of their guns, lemonade, and one person's death: whomever Rick chooses.

Oh, and he'll be taking Daryl and the pool table, too.


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Rick asks to see Sasha. He wants to know that she is alive before he makes any decisions.

The camera shows us Sasha inside the coffin and it's the shot from the start of the episode. She took Eugene's poison pills and is dying.

She slips back into her daydream, and Abraham tells her if they are going to die, there needs to be a point to it. Therefore, he's OK with dying if it means getting Maggie's baby to safety. He's fighting for the future.

We flash back to the Saviors preparing for the trip. Sasha is offered a ride in the truck but she chooses the coffin and asks for a bottle of water. When the time is right, she downs the pills.

Negan opens the coffin and zombie Sasha lunges at him, prompting All Out War.

"You're already dead."

As the groups fight, a Savior comes to Negan's aid, being eaten by Sasha in the process.

Rick attempts to get Jadis back on his side, but she shoots him and kicks him off the sniper tower instead.

Michonne is badly losing her fight on the sniper tower while Jadis escorts Rick through the streets of Alexandria. Bodies lie in the street while the rest of the group kneels in surrender to the Saviors.

Negan realizes he needs to remind Rick just how much he can do. He threatens Carl's life, but Rick isn't the least bit worried. He insists Negan will lose.


A scream comes from the tower, and by the look on Rick's face, Negan knows the woman in the tower was important to him. But it doesn't matter — he's going to kill Carl... as punishment.

Rick repeats himself: he will kill Negan. Nothing will change that.

Right as Negan goes to take his swing, Shiva leaps into action! The Kingdom is here and Carol and Ezekiel are kicking butt!

As the fight jumps into full swing, Maggie and the people of the Hilltop rush in as well. The tide of war has turned.

Rick watches as Morgan kills Saviors and acknowledges the great sacrifice he is making to aid in the fight.

Those backstabbing Scavengers retreat from the fight and Ezekiel insists on going after them, but it's a mistake. Their enemies are hidden out of sight and they're stuck outside the walls like sitting ducks.

Rick and Carl make it back to the tower and find Michonne badly beaten but alive — she threw the Scavenger out of the tower.

After retreating back to the Sanctuary, Negan has some questions for his core soldiers. He asks Eugene how Sasha ended up dead and the "doctor" surmises she must have run out of air. Negan lets it go for now and turns to his courtyard full of Saviors. The fight isn't over yet.

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While the rebels search for their missing enemies, they discover zombie Sasha and mercifully put her down. Daryl discovers a message claiming ignorance of what was going to happen, but is it from Dwight or Sherry?

The war isn't over yet, but the Hilltop, Kingdom, and Alexandria have already started a new life — they have become friends and allies.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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