‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Rick Spotted Carrying Lucille (PHOTO)
Negan Holds Lucille in The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale
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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Rick Spotted Carrying Lucille (PHOTO)


AMC is doing everything in their power to prevent people from finding out who Negan killed, but they can’t stop people from snapping photos of the set.

The Walking Dead Season 7 has been in production for about two months, and every few days we get photos from the Atlanta set. Usually they just show us who was filming that day, but on June 14 a blurry snapshot hinted that a pivotal plot point from the comic books might just be migrating to the small screen.

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Though it’s almost impossible to discern from this photo. The Spoiling Dead Fans notes Rick Grimes was spotted carrying Negan’s barbed wire-wrapped bat named Lucille around Alexandria.

In the comics, the Big Bad makes Andrew Lincoln’s character do this after Glenn’s death, when he arrives at the Alexandria Safe Zone for his first “offering.”

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In the original medium, Negan makes several rude comments about how he beat Glenn and then forces Rick to hold Lucille while he scavenges the Safe-Zone.

Before Negan departs, he retrieves Lucille from Rick and whispers, “I just slid my d— down your throat and you thanked me for it.”

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), we have a feeling that line will be cleaned up for TV.

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As brutal as this interaction might be to watch (remember, Lucille just killed one of Rick’s dear friends), we hope this pushes our leader to take action and do his best to hit Negan where it hurts.

The Walking Dead Season 7 will premiere in the fall on AMC.

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