Andrew Lincoln\'s Ready for \'Walking Dead’ Season 8, But You May Not Be
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The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln’s Ready for ‘Walking Dead’ Season 8, But You May Not Be


Filming isn't set to begin until May 1, but the cast and crew of The Walking Dead is already talking up Season 8.

Andrew Lincoln himself is more than excited to get back to Rick Grimes’ fightin’ style… but there could be a price to pay.

The hero has gone from family man, to dictator, to grieving hallucinator and everywhere in between.


It’s that character depth that keeps Andrew fascinated with his role.

“I mean, the thing that I’ve always been so thrilled about playing this role is the writers and the gang at AMC have always been very keen on pushing it in different directions and exploring different areas of who Rick Grimes is, which has been one of the great thrills.”

But Season 7 took Rick in a direction Andy wasn’t ready for.

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Andrew reaffirmed how difficult it was for him to watch Rick submit so completely to the villainous Negan.

“This has been one of the more unpleasant aspects of his psyche, this submissive version, but certainly the first eight would be not a pleasant experience but it was a great challenge. A good acting challenge,” Andy tells

The back half of Season 7 was a return to form for Rick, and Andy wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“And certainly I enjoyed having a bit more bite, bit more grit in my belly, sharing scenes with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.” This has left him looking forward to Season 8.

“I think it’s going to be a lot more fun season eight, pitted against him with a bit more push back.”

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But Season 8 could still be the worst season yet for Rick, if these warnings from executive producer Scott Gimple ring true.

Rick is finally ready to protect his group from Negan’s tyranny “to give his people and other people the life that they should live, where the world belongs to all of them and not just one person. A real life,” Scott tells TVLine.

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But winning the war against the charismatic slugger won’t be easy. There will be a heavy price to pay.

Scott assures us that Rick is ready to pay that price, no matter what the cost.

“That’s the only choice. So he’s willing to face the losses.”

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Even, Scott says, if that loss is the ultimate sacrifice, “[Rick] will suffer any loss, even his own self.”