The Walking Dead: Will Team Prison Reunite By the End of Season 4?
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The Walking Dead: Will Team Prison Reunite By the End of Season 4?

When Season 4, Episode 1 of The Walking Dead premiered back in October 2013, all the members of Team Prison we’re happily living and thriving in their new home, but by the midseason finale a mere two months later The Governor (David Morrissey) had driven his massive tank through the fence and beheaded beloved Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) in the ultimate declaration of war. Though The Gov. also lost his life in the fight, his team had already done their damage, destroying the prison and sending Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) group fleeing in several different directions.

Thanks to her super sleuth skills Michonne (Danai Gurira) was able to reunite with Rick and his son Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) by the end of Episode 9: “After”, but can we really expect the entire group to reunite with one another in the coming seven episodes? When we posed this question to Viggle LIVE! users last week, 61 percent of you were confident that a complete reunion was possible because the future of the show depends on it, but 39 percent of voters felt that at least one person will die before our crew has a chance to come together again.

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Just days after the midseason finale aired back in December, comic book writer and executive producer Robert Kirkman seemed to confirm what the minority of you are afraid of, that not everyone will make it back alive. At the time he reasoned, “We definitely have a lot of individual stories and I would not expect the group to be getting reunited as quickly as they did at the end of Season 2. Or possibly ever,” he said. “So there’s definitely a lot of unknowns going into the back half of this season. We’ll just have to see if they come together It’s entirely possible that there will be some parts of that group that just don’t quite make it back.”

Since we’re expecting at least one more death by season’s end we have a feeling that we shouldn’t get too attached to anyone, but we’re still holding out hope that everyone will manage to survive on their own and our group can have a tearful reunion that they so desperately need and deserve.

Do you think Team Prison will remain intact and reunite by the Season 4 finale? Tell us what you think below!

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