Toddlers Depict Walking Dead’s Bloodiest Scenes in Disturbing Photoshoot
Toddlers Depict The Walking Dead
Credit: Toddlers Depict The Walking Dead    

The Walking Dead

Toddlers Depict Walking Dead’s Bloodiest Scenes in Disturbing Photoshoot


We associate The Walking Dead with a lot of things — zombies, blood, murder, violence — but toddlers don’t make the cut.

However, a New Jersey-based company called Mother Hubbard Photography decided to mix the post-apocalyptic drama with the pre-school set, resulting in pretty disturbing photographs of some of the show’s most upsetting scenes.

Mother Hubbard’s site says they specialize in “outdoor sessions, first birthday smashcake photos, modeling portfolios, family, children, maternity, engagements, and holiday pictures,” but this TWD-themed photoshoot was clearly an exception.

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People found some of the photos so offensive they’ve since been removed, but many remain on the Mother Hubbard Facebook page.

Take, for example, the snap of several toddlers dressed as our beloved survivors all lined up in a row as a pint-sized Negan swings a pretend baseball bat.

Toddlers Depict Negan’s Debut on The Walking Dead
Credit: Mother Hubbard Photography on Facebook    

The photo, which clearly depicts the final moments of the Season 6 finale, comes with a disclaimer that “no children were injured in this shot.”

Well, that’s good to know!

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Another snap, meant to illustrate the moments before Carol Peletier shot Lizzie Samuels in Season 4, shows a little girl dressed as Carol with a prop gun in her hand, as another young child with blonde pigtails kneels in front of her and looks at the flowers.

This photo, like many from the TWD series, comes with a lengthy disclaimer as well.

Toddlers Depict Carol Killing Lizzie on The Walking Dead
Credit: Mother Hubbard Photography on Facebook    

“No children were harmed in the making of this, they were just playing pretend and acting and that is a toy gun,” the photog writes. “Also Carol is MY daughter and Lizzy is a friend's daughter, who both knew they were playing a role and acting with TOYS and know all about gun safety. The children on the actual Walking Dead show held weapons at each other and no one freaked out...remember it's PRETEND.”

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Still, many people are up in arms, with some calling this particular picture “terrible” and “inappropriate on all levels.”

While this is an interesting idea, we’d tend to agree — let’s leave the violence and murder to the pros from now on.

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