Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: The Countdown to Season 4 Has Begun

A toast to The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 1! We won’t get to see it until sometime in October (no official premiere date has been announced), but on the night of May 16, new showrunner Scott Gimple tweeted, "Ep1, S4 wrapped. Gratitude, awe, and utter excitement."

Pretty good teaser descriptions! Back in late April, Steven Yeun (Glenn) told Wetpaint Entertainment the actors had seen the first script, and he knew the season would be “pretty awesome.” Then Norman Reedus (Daryl) tweeted, “Episode one is huge. I promise you’ll freakout. gonna be SO GOOD.” In another tweet, he added, “Ep 1 is gonna RULE.”  

The fan site Walking Dead Locations has been following some of the shooting and they posted photos from a set in Griffin, Georgia, showing some kind of military base. So we’re expecting to visit that location, as well as the prison where the season will start; and at some point we’ll head back into the woods, since that’s where Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is in the first official photo released for the season.

Are you surprised that the cast is finished filming episode 1 already?