Credit: Blake Tyers/AMC Photo: Daryl Prepares His Bow on The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 6

Oh to be a bandanna! Entertainment Weekly just shared a new exclusive photo from The Walking Dead Season 4. It shows Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), who is growing his hair out this year, covering the lower half of his face with a bandana.

Check out the full-size vertical version, showing Daryl’s sleeveless jacket and muscled arm.

What's the photo about? Why is Daryl covering his nose and mouth? Your guess is as good as any. As EW joked, "Is Daryl robbing a zombie convenience store? Doing his best Jesse James impersonation? Hiding the fact he is running low on razors and hasn’t shaved since Merle died?"

We're on board with one of the guesses from the site's comments: "My bet is they are burning mass amounts of walkers and he is wearing the bandanna to breathe." If not burning walkers, then just burning something, or watching something as it burns by choice or not.

Gotta love this comment, though, too: "Maybe it's just Daryl's turn to change Lil' A$$kicker's diaper." Very possible! Someone has to take care of that baby.

At any rate, we now have two "official" photos from Season 4, including this one from the premiere, showing Rick and a walker buddy. There’s also this official banner which will be shown at Comic-Con. What do you think Daryl is looking at in the new photo? Do you want to move those hairs out of his eyes, or would that mess with his cool factor?

Catch up on a bunch of Season 4 spoilers in this roundup. The new season starts in October. We’re hoping an official start date will be announced next week during Comic-Con.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, SpoilerTV