Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: The Prison Crew Heads to Woodbury on The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 7

Fresh back from San Diego Comic-Con 2013, The Walking Dead Season 4 cast continues to grow as three new people have been added to the bunch. Per Spoiler TV, producers are currently casting for at least three additional roles.

While we don’t have any information on when the three newbies are scheduled to make their TWD debuts, we do have some info on each of their characters. John Tyler, the first of the new additions, is described as “early 30's, vulgar with rough edges but wise.” That sounds like a Daryl/Hershel hybrid to us!

The second new character, Wayne Kesey, is also in his early 30s and is described as “very smart and an experienced liar.” Lastly, producers are also looking to cast the role of Jordana Barraza, a hispanic woman in her late 20s who is “ashamed about her past.”

We don’t know exactly how these three characters will come into play just yet, but we have a feeling that they could be separate from the prison/Woodbury crew. Maybe they are even some of the other survivors we heard at the end of the Season 4 sneak peek!

Source: SpoilerTV

Credit: AMC Photo: The Walking Dead Season 4: Extended Trailer!