Walkers, start your engines ... or, erm, entrails. The Walking Dead Season 4 will be back on October 13, and Rick and Co. will be in more danger than ever.

So how many bloody episodes can we expect come fall? TVLine reports that there will be 16 episodes in Season 4 just like Season 3.

That’s 10 more episodes than the show’s first season, but we’re not complaining. After starting in October, Season 4 should wrap up in March 2014 if AMC chooses to do another two-month break starting in early December. The season will be divided into two chunks, beginning in October 2013 and February 2014, respectively.

Luckily we’ll see a more sane Rick when the show returns this fall, and he’ll work to help his son Carl not be such a crazed sociopath.

Are you excited for the 16 episodes in Season 4 or did you prefer the shorter seasons? Tell us below!

Source: TVLine