Credit: Kevin Winters/Gettty Images Photo: Steven Yeun at the Walking Dead Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

The Walking Dead has one of the hottest casts on TV, but there’s really nothing sexy about sweaty underwear. (And now we’ve ruined your supper. Sorry!)

Access Hollywood talked to Steven Yeun (Glenn) in advance of Season 4, which starts October 13 on AMC. They asked if he took anything fun home from the Georgia set, once Season 3 was done filming. I don’t steal,” Steven said, “I take mostly underwear from set. They give us pretty cool, good underwear, so you just find a reason to take it home every day and all of a sudden you now have 20 pairs of really nice underwear.”

Underwear for everyone! As Access pointed out, free undies is not something one would expect to be in TWD budget. Steven explained, “It’s sweaty [where we film], so you don’t want to be running around in what you show up in.” Oddly enough, that makes sense.

Speaking of TWD budget, though, Season 1 had a reported $3.4 million budget per episode, for six episodes. When Season 2 went up to 13 episodes, the budget was reportedly reduced to $2.75 million per episode. (AMC's brotha show Breaking Bad has a per episode budget said to be around $3 million.)

It's not clear what the budget was for the 16 episodes of Season 3, or the what it will be for upcoming Season 4, but it's heartening to see free underwear wasn't slashed for cost. The important things must stay!

Sources: Access Hollywood, The Hollywood Reporter