Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images Photo: Vincent Martella Attends The Walking Dead 10th Anniversary Celebration at Comic-Con 2013

Update (10/13/2013): To learn about Patrick's bizarre fate, check out our Season 4 premiere spoiler!

The Walking Dead
has officially cast Phineas and Ferb voice actor Vincent Martella as a Woodbury survivor named Patrick who is set to be a part of the series for at least part of Season 4, which premieres on October 13 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Vincent, who previously voiced Phineas Flynn, describes himself as a “massive” TWD fan and couldn’t be more psyched about his role.

I’ve watched it since its premiere. It’s been such a cool thing for me to be a part of the show that I’m such a big fan of, because I don’t watch too much television religiously, like every single week. But this is one of those shows, so I’m really lucky,” he tells Entertainment Weekly.

Not much is known about Vincent’s character Patrick just yet, but he did reveal that his on-screen counterpart who is slightly older than Carl (Chandler Riggs) will form a relationship with the younger Grimes.

He’s one of the new people who Carl gets a little closer with. Carl hasn’t really had anybody his age, so now you kind of get to see Carl’s relationship with people his own age and that’s one of the things that Patrick is bringing to the show.”

Head on over to EW to see the first photo of Patrick at the prison!

Source: Entertainment Weekly