Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC Photo: The Walking Dead Season 3 Cast

If Dancing With the Stars really wants to boost ratings it should bring out the dead — specifically a smart-mouthed, one-handed redneck from The Walking Dead.

Michael Rooker actually has two hands in real life, and even though he’s a pistol, he’s not really a “redneck” — he just played one really well on AMC. Sadly, we lost Rooker’s Merle Dixon in Season 3, but an actor that wonderfully loco should not be kept off screens for long. He has some movies coming out, but he still loves to talk to fans about all things Dead and Dixon.

On September 17, Rooker had a “#TwitterTakeover” of the Valhalla Entertainment account run by Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd. He answered a bunch of fun questions, including, “Would u ever consider doing DANCING WITH THE STARS? xo” His answer: “Sh*t yeah, baby! As long as my dance partner is a retired Playboy model.”

Ha! He’s like the crazy uncle you just have to shake your head at. The asking fan replied, “:D lol well I am sure they will do what they can for! Would LUV to see that.. shake it baby! xoxo.” Another female fan wrote, “I wish I was that playboy bunny ;)))” Rooker replied to that, “Awww, how sweet.”

Yeah, how sweet to want to be his Playboy partner. The actual female professional dancers on DWTS may not take too kindly to the idea that a … actually, wait a minute, about two years ago one of the pros, Karina Smirnoff, did a Playboy cover with pics inside. That could qualify as a retired Playboy model. It’s too late for him to dance with her on Season 17, which just started this past Monday, but Rooker’s agent could call DWTS’s producers to see if he can get partnered with Karina for the spring 2014 season. Do it, man — we’d vote for you!

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