Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: The Governor Sports a Bandage Over His Eye on The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 9

With The Governor (David Morrissey)'s Season 4 debut coming up fast — we're hoping this week! — we have obviously started thinking again about the dude's seemingly-inevitable death. He seems to have built up enough enemies and potential enemies that really, anyone could do it. But we have some ideas about who will do the deed.

Spoilers ahead from The Walking Dead comics series, which may or may not relate to the TV show.

There’s no guarantee that The Governor will die on The Walking Dead Season 4. For all we know, he’ll outlive the walkers, but we’re guessing he does get killed before the season’s end. Assuming he dies at some point, who’ll kill him?

In the comics, The Governor dies after another big attack on the prison. A bunch of people die, including Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies), who is still alive at that point in the comics, and baby Judith, who is killed by a Woodbury woman named Lilly Caul. Horrified by what she did, and blaming The Governor, Lilly kills The Gov.

Maybe the character of Lilly will appear and be re-imagined on the TV show, since The Governor and crew have already left Woodbury behind.

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We're hoping either Michonne ( Danai Gurira) or Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) kills The Governor, considering how he treated both of them in Season 3. We know Michonne is obsessed with tracking him down, whether that's a good idea or not (probably not), and her need for vengeance may just cause trouble, even if she told Tyreese (Chad Coleman) that she's kinda-sorta over it. It feels like her fight with The Governor is not over, and obviously we're hoping she wins.

If not Michonne or Maggie... maybe Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard Jr)? In the comics, Bob knows Lilly and they are part of a group that goes to Woodbury together. Bob becomes friends with The Governor and even saves his life. But the television version of Bob may be looking for some kind of redemption for his alcoholism-related mistakes, so it wouldn't surprise us if he were involved.

In terms of TV Bob, we're still wondering if he's actually an inside man for The Governor. The TV version of Bob is found by Daryl Dixon about a week before the events of Season 4 pick up. We've learned a little bit about him, but we're still not sure where his loyalties lie. What if he's already close to The Gov and secretly working for him? Or what if he becomes loyal to the prison and proves loyalty by saving someone from The Gov and killing the one-eyed guy himself?

We’ll see. Any theories on who might kill The Gov … eventually? How do you want his story to end?

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