Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 1: “30 Days Without an Accident” Spoiler Photos — Meet Bob Stookey!

The second AMC announced plans for a spin-off of The Walking Dead to bow in 2015, TWD creator Robert Kirkman and others that currently work on the hit drama were inundated with questions about what viewers can and cannot expect.

It’s clear that AMC bigwigs are still determining a direction for the yet-to-be-titled spin-off, but Robert has maintained that the new show will have zero TWD crossover, telling Vulture, “We’re not going to pull any characters from The Walking Dead, or the comics. It will be an all-new cast and an entirely new setting.”

At first we were disappointed that Robert put a kibosh on any crossovers, but during a YouTube interview with Made Man the TWD mastermind indicated that complete  separation from the mothershow could be a good thing. Like, a really good thing.

Calling the spin-off “crazy” Robert continued, “I know a lot of people maybe a little bit concerned like, ‘Oh, maybe this is too much of a good thing’ and I say ‘Nay! This is just the right amount of a good thing.’”

We couldn’t agree more, Rob. In fact, he even goes on to say that the spin-off has the potential to be better than TWD. Oh, do tell!

“We’re all working behind the scenes right now to make sure it’s as awesome as it possibly can be,” he continued. “I think it may actually end up being more awesome than the original show. You never know, but that’s the competition right now: How can we make a spin-off worthy of existing and have it stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the original show?”

Creating something better than The Walking Dead is no easy feat, but if anyone can do it Robert  can. After all, he’s essentially competing with himself.

However, when asked if he’ll write a spin-off for The Walking Dead comics, Robert was less enthused. “No, I don’t want to write another comic, that would be a lot of work,” he said with a laugh. “Television as a medium is very accepting of spin-offs,” he notes, also pointing out that comic spin-offs often “cannibalize” the readership.

Do you think The Walking Dead spin-off has potential to be better than the original? Sound off below and check out Robert’s full interview!

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