The most recent episode of The Walking Dead Season 4. didn't do much to clear up what the future looks like for Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). So what's next for her?

Carol was M.I.A. from the excitement of Season 4, Episode 5: "Internment," with the only mention of her being when Rick tells Maggie and Hershel that he banished Carol for killing Karen and Rick.

A fan of the show asks TV Line whether Carol is gone from the show for good, and the answer is cryptic but definite.

"You have not seen the last of Carol," TV Line reports. So there you go: Carol lives to give away watches on another day.

As you recall, Carol killed Karen and David because they were unwell, and she felt she had to stop the sickness from spreading. But Rick didn't agree and sent her packing. So what do you think we'll see her doing next?

We're also wondering if you're more on Carol's side or Rick's side, so head over to our poll and let us know.

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Source: TV Line