Credit: Photo via ThinkGeek Photo: The Walking Dead Monopoly Game

Several months ago we told you that The Walking Dead was getting the board game treatment, and that TWD versions of Monopoly and Risk would be released later in the year. Well with about six weeks to go until Christmas, The Walking Dead Monopoly is now officially available!

Officially called Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition, this board game is filled with walkers, relevant TWD-themed game pieces, and sheer terror! Retailing for $39.99 at, the game comes with a customized board and six unique game pieces, including Carl’s sheriff's hat and Michonne’s katana.

Instead of the Community Chest spaces, we have spaces labeled Supply Chest, and some properties available for purchase are downtown Atlanta, the Alexandria Safe Zone, and the Sanctuary. No Park Place here, folks!

If you already have another version of Monopoly and are questioning whether or not you really need this TWD-themed reincarnation, then we feel obligated to share a review of this game with you. Calling it “everything you know and loved about Monopoly, but with 100 percent more zombie flavor,” we’d say the people over at ThinkGeek would advise you to add this gem to your holiday lists ASAP!

Will you be asking for Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition this holiday season? Tell us your plans below!

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.