Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: A Walker Bleeds From Her Eyes in The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 5: “Internment”

Season 4, Episode 6 of The Walking Dead — “Live Bait” — was all about The Governor (David Morrissey). Because we didn’t even get so much as a glimpse of Team Prison tonight, the body count was very low. The Governor reluctantly killed a few walkers here and there, but there was really only one noteworthy passing this week.

When The Governor happened upon Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson) and her family, we were introduced to Tara, her sister Lilly Chambler (Audrey Marie Anderson), Lilly’s daughter Meghan Chambler (Meyrick Murphy), and Tara and Lily’s elderly father David, who was already battling advanced lung cancer.

Unfortunately, Meghan’s gramps sucumbed to the cancer about halfway through the episode, and as Tara was saying her final goodbye, her dad turned into a walker and grabbed her for a bite. Luckily The Governor was ready for the turn and bashed Don with an ozygen tank. Not a great way to go, but he saved Tara!

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