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Within the first eight episodes of The Walking Dead Season 4, two of those hours were devoted solely to  The Governor (David Morrissey) and they acted as a tool to explain what had happened to the big bad following his murderous rampage in the Season 3 finale. Both of  The Gov.’s standalone episodes were flashbacks, and they informed the viewers how he had changed (or not) in the time between Season 3 and 4. At the end of the second standalone ep we were back in present day, as The Governor had his eye set on the prison.

The use of flashbacks within the first eight episodes was a bit of an experiment on the part of showrunner Scott Gimple, and it was one that had mixed results. Sure, The Governor’s episodes gave us a much more detailed look at his character and state of mind going into the finale, but both episodes were also much slower and lacking the usual TWD tension and drama we’ve grown accustomed to.

We won’t get to see the second half of Season 4 until it kicks off on February 9, 2014, but can we expect Scott to use flashbacks there too? Team Prison is now scattered, and there’s certainly backstory to learn about Michonne (Danai Gurira) and others, but we'll let Scott explain whether or not he intends to use flashbacks in the back eight.

"The back half of the season has a wildly different structure to it. It's a very different set of stories, and it's very unlike the first half of the season. I can't say without giving stuff up, but it's very different,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The same story priorities apply; there's a lot of character exploration but in a very different way. In some ways, the story moves quicker but in a really different manner. As soon as you see the first episode, you'll figure out why and how. Episode 10 [the second one in February] has a super unusual structure that I'm very excited for people to see. It's very different than the first half.”

So will we get more flashbacks? In two words, Scott says, “Kind of!”

Are you ready for a new structure and pace for the final eight episodes, or did you enjoy the first half of the season as it was?

The Walking Dead Season 4 resumes on February 9, 2014, at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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