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David Morrissey has been deceiving us about The Governor’s fate on The Walking Dead Season 4. Imagine — The Governor being sneaky!

We knew David had another AMC show in the works, but they said he was pulling double duty with both shows. David also recently hinted he was still filming into Season 4 and hoped to survive into Season 5. But they filmed the Episode 8 mid-season finale back in August, so for a long time now he's known he would only be in three episodes this season. Tricksy!

Now that The Gov. is dead, David can talk about his character’s arc. He told The Hollywood Reporter he knew he wouldn't make it to the end of Season 4 but he initially didn't know how limited his role would be. Showrunner Scott Gimple just told David he'd enter the season late. "I only knew that I was going just before the delivery of Episode 8. That's when I knew."

He got the sad death call from Scott and knew it was over. "I knew the Governor wasn't someone who was going to be in it forever,” David said. “I was very sad because I loved being in the show and working with everybody. Then the double whammy of also being the person who brings Scott Wilson's [Hershel] participation to an end was really heavy."

David said The Governor ultimately got what he deserved, although things could've been different for him. "I never wanted him to be a cartoon baddie, which was just a man doing evil things; I wanted to show a man who you felt could have redemption inside,” David said. “Maybe if he met someone like Lilly earlier or if he'd listened to a different side of himself he would have been redeemed in some way. But in the end, I think he did get what he deserved. I was very happy that the person who ended his life was Lilly and not Michonne. Michonne condemned him into being a zombie and was very happy to leave him in that horrible place, whereas Lilly was not happy to leave him in that place. She knew that in order to give him freedom, it has to be killing his brain, and that's debatable if that's a compassionate act on her part. But I would like to believe it was."

Probably not, but it's a nice thought for him.

THR also talked to Scott about the decision to kill The Gov. at this point. Why not at the end of Season 3? "We threw the ball around on all possibilities last year and threw them around this year; it's part of the writers' room experience," Scott said. "I don't think that there was big push last year for the Governor story to end, and I certainly agree that there was more story I wanted to tell with the Governor. I do believe that this episode and both the story from the first five episodes and the Governor's two episodes after that was those stories crashing together. Those were also the endings to those individual stories. This episode was very much an ending for those two episodes 'Live Bait' and 'Dead Weight' for the Governor's story, not simply because he died but what he was trying to do at the prison and how everything went down. How he finally was defined to be a person who did what he did."

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) said people can change, based on his own experience. The Governor called him a "liar," based on his own experience. So now Rick's group is split up and on the road. The Governor's story caused that change, and fit into the theme of "can we come back from the things we've done?" So it served a larger purpose, but now we have no more Gov., no more David Morrissey.

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The Walking Dead Season 4 returns to AMC on February 9, 2014, at 9 p.m. ET.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter

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