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You don’t get many chances in life to attend your own funeral. But on The Walking Dead, the characters get special “death dinners” when they leave.

There were rumors about a big Season 4 death dinner over the summer, with speculation that it was for Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson). That turned out to be true, but it was also for The Governor (David Morrissey), since both major characters died in the Episode 8 mid-season finale.

The Hollywood Reporter asked David and Scott about their joint death dinner.

“We went out with other members of the cast,” David said. “What happens at those Death Dinners now that people have heard about them, we tend not to have them in restaurants because if three or four of us get together in a restaurant, people say, ‘They're going to die!’ So we have them in one of the houses of someone we know on the show.” You can’t keep any secrets from the fans!

“It was great,” David continued, “everyone came along and it was very emotional. Like in any workplace, when you spend a lot of time with people, it's important to say goodbye and say how much you've enjoyed working with them and wish them luck. It's a good thing to do; it's the respect you have for your co-workers and that's important in any workplace. Sarah Wayne Callies [Lori] came. She knew Scott Wilson very well, and it was great to see her and hear what she had to say. It's a very close family. Once you've been in The Walking Dead, you're always in The Walking Dead. I keep very close contact with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus and quite a few of the cast, including Scott, as well as crewmembers, makeup and camera crew. We're very close; we go through a lot, and it's one of those jobs that means a lot to you in your life, and I will be part of that team all my life. It's a great privilege to have been part of it.”

Aww. In a previous interview with The Listener, David said he’d show up on set just to make tea, he loves being there so much. It does sound like a great gig, and one that’s hard to lose.

Scott also shared a great perspective on the Death Dinner. “It's otherworldly in a way,” he said. “It's a Death Dinner but you still feel so alive. It's a great expression by the cast for everyone. Those who are still alive have gratitude to those who came before them and we have these to honor them.”

It has to be awful to get that death call, but at least the cast and crew take good care of each other. If you have to die on TV, this is the way to go out!

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The Walking Dead Season 4 returns to AMC on February 9, 2014, at 9 p.m. ET.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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