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We don’t know about you guys, but in the moments before The Governor (David Morrissey) hacked off Hershel Greene’s (Scott Wilson) head with Michonne’s katana during The Walking Dead Season 4 mid-season finale, we were holding back tears and clutching our tissue boxes. So we were surprised to see that moments before The Gov. decapitated the fan-favorite, Hershel had a big ol’ smile on his face.

Granted, it’s not how we’d react if we had a massive sword at our throat, but in an interview with Entertainment Weekly actor Scott Wilson explains the significance of the smile Hershel had on his face as Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was making a plea for peace and coexistence within the prison.

I think that was a really a culmination of the first scene that Rick and Hershel had together on the front porch of Hershel’s farm, talking about the world, and about disease, and about the place of man in the new order of things. And really that’s kind of a theme that went through the two-and-a-half seasons I was on the show. Where do you stand? Where’s the humanity in this situation? Where do you keep your humanity? And that was a recurring theme with Hershel and Rick,” Scott begins.

The smile, he continues, was a direct reaction to Rick’s speech to The Gov., in which he encouraged the villain to allow Team Prison and The Governor’s group to live together in the prison peacefully and with no destruction or loss of life. As we know by now, The Gov. didn’t buy it and decapitated Hershel in front of his family and friends.

Still, Scott says that Hershel’s smile was his way of showing Rick that he was proud of how he handled The Governor’s demands and desperately tried to negotiate, even if it was to no avail. “I think basically he was hearing some of what he had been imparting to Rick or exploring with Rick coming out of his mouth at that moment, so it made him feel that Rick got it — that he saw what was going on,” Scott explains. “And that Hershel’s legacy would be carried on by Rick and the rest of the people, even if he was not there. Some ideas are maybe stronger and can survive the person that is going. So I think that was what was going on there in Hershel’s mind.”

Do you agree with Scott’s analysis of Hershel’s smile, or does it still seem out of place to you? Weigh in with your thoughts below!

The Walking Dead Season 4 returns to AMC on February 9, 2014, at 9 p.m. ET.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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