*Spoilers ahead from The Walking Dead comic books*

Now you too can own your very own Negan and Lucille, thanks to a new The Walking Dead action figure from Macfarlane Toys.

A who and a what?

Negan is the leader of The Saviors, and a major villain in the comic book series used as the basis for the AMC show. His favorite weapon is a baseball bat covered in barbed wire named "Lucille," and he uses it to kill a beloved character.

The TV series is halfway through Season 4 at this point, and the character of Negan doesn't show up in the story for quite a while. He first appears in issue #100 and his story is still being written. (The Governor died in issue #48.) Image Comics recently said they'd go back to print to meet the extreme demand for issue #116 which focuses on the first shots fired in the continuing "All Out War" between Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) group and Negan's Saviors.

Back in July, before Season 4 started, TV Guide asked comic book writer Robert Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple if they'd consider bringing Negan onto the show earlier.

"That's definitely a real temptation when you are adapting a show," Robert said. "It's sometimes a struggle because I feel like there are very cool things that are waiting in the wings in the comics that we could do earlier in the show. But those things only work the way they work because of everything that came before them. We have to build up to them properly. Negan isn't going to be as cool if we don't set up this, this, this, and this. We do want to do Negan, and it seems likes everyone on the show does want to do Negan, but we are going to have to do all these other things first."

Scott agreed that there's a lot to get to before Negan shows up. It doesn't seem likely that we'll see him in Season 4. Maybe we'll get to him in Season 5, but it could be even later than that. You can't let the TV show outpace the books!

In the meantime, you can buy yourself the Negan action figure to keep on your desk in anticipation of his eventual TV debut.

The Walking Dead Season 4 returns on Sunday, February 9 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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