Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: Tyreese Follows Walkers With a Hammer on The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 3: “Isolation”

The nominations for the 20th Annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards were announced very early this morning, December 11, and we’re very pleased to report that The Walking Dead scored a nomination of its own!

While the TWD actors were, in our opinion, grossly overlooked for all of the excellent work that they do on the show, the AMC hit did manage to nab a nom in the Stunt Team category. The walker drama is up against HBO's Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones, Showtime's Homeland, and fellow AMC hit Breaking Bad. You can also take a look at the full list of nominees here.

All of these dramas pull off great stunts on a weekly basis, and while we may be just a touch biased, we think The Walking Dead is most deserving of the award. Last season saw the introduction to the prison, and who can forget the hordes of walkers that came along with it. All of those scenes may look chaotic and messy, but in reality they are actually incredibly organized and well-planned.

Season 3 also saw the amputation of Hershel Greene’s (Scott Wilson) leg, and the first face-off between The Governor (David Morrissey) and Team Prison. And while the Season 4 mid-season finale aired less than two weeks ago, that too featured an epic showdown between the two factions, complete with an army tank.

And don’t even get us started on all of those skilfull (albeit disgusting!) walker kills. Like we said, in our mind TWD owns this category, but what are your thoughts? Will The Walking Dead take top honors in the Stunt Team category? Tell us your thoughts below and be sure to catch the SAG Awards when they air on TNT/TBS on January 18, 2014.

The Walking Dead Season 4 returns on Sunday, February 9 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Credit: Celebified Photo: The Walking Dead Recruits Southland Actor Michael Cudlitz To Play Sgt. Abraham Ford In Season 4