Credit: Johns PKI/Splash News Photo: Norman Reedus and Cecilia Singley Hold Hands at Jingle Ball 2013 on December 13

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) held hands with Cecilia Singley on the red carpet this past weekend at the Z100's Jingle Ball 2013.

Cecilia and Norman have been rumored as a couple since late April 2013. They’ve been seen out and about together, and now here they are looking couple-y in time for the holidays.

Norman’s fans are notoriously passionate, with many feverishly scouring the web for information on him while admonishing others that his personal life is no one else’s business. Personal or not, Norman is a beloved public figure and fans have been curious about the woman on his arm. In fact there are now more than 100 pages to a thread called "Norman Reedus and Girlfriend Cecilia Singley (on right)" on Spoil the Dead.

In the thread, fans discuss the relationship, including the idea that Norman is 44 and Cecilia is reportedly 20, having graduated from high school two years ago. A fan shared a link to Ben Franklin High School's National Merit page for 2011, with Cecilia's name listed. That's a school in New Orleans, where Cecilia is from.

In April 2013, Cecilia was interviewed by Ada Polla for The Huffington Post. Ada, co-creator of Alchimie Forever, had met Cecilia three years prior when the model was dating Ada's stepson. "It was a delight to get to know her she is gorgeous, a straight-A student, half French and one of the funniest people I know," Ada wrote. "Today, she is a model. I think she might actually be the next Gisele..."

There's a whole Q&A with the two, including Ada asking Cecilia how she got into modeling.

"Modeling found me!" Cecilia answered. "I had some photos done with one of New Orleans' most talented photographers, Megane Claire. Her website was discovered by Ford, who asked her to shoot their girls. She asked them to take a look at the pictures she had just taken of me, and I got a call and a contract that very same day. I was in New Orleans volunteering at a women's shelter when I got the call about being a Ford model, there was such a disconnect between what I was witnessing and the opportunity that fell on my lap, it was odd. I was scared but ecstatic."

Read more of the Q&A here. Here’s one interesting part, where she discusses one downside of modeling: “The other really hard thing is that the lifestyle can be excruciatingly lonely, because people come and go so fast and it is hard to build relationships. It's not like you go to work and see the same people every day... When I got my first contract, I was in a very serious relationship with someone who did not approve of my career choice; he thought I was being exploited for my looks. Some guys have a really hard time letting their girlfriends be in front of the camera... I dated someone after that, but then I had to move to Paris, so it was long distance thing, and that didn't work out either. I am really trying my best to stay single... it has been hard, I am a lover, I fall in love quickly!”

She’s not alone in falling for the guy she’s rumored to be dating now. We can’t pretend we’re not at least a little jealous — especially since she gets to hang out with his cool cat, Eye in the Dark — but at least Daryl Dixon is still single … kinda.

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Credit: Celebified Photo: The Walking Dead Renewed For Season 5!