Credit: Chandler Riggs on Twitter Photo: Chandler Riggs and Bella Thorne on Set

What were you doing at age 14? Just guessing it wasn’t anything as cool as what Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) gets to do.

Chandler gets to spend part of his time fighting zombies alongside Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) on The Walking Dead, another part starring in the upcoming Stephen King adaptation Mercy, and still another part hanging out with cute girls in his lap for Home Invasion. And he gets paid for it!

Chandler tweeted this photo with Disney star Bella Thorne on December 19, writing, "good times on set of home invasion! @bellathorne #homeinvasion." That scamp!

According to IMDb, Home Invasion is about a family that becomes imprisoned in their own home by intruders "who play a life-and-death game in which the mysterious rules become clear as the night unfolds." Maybe it's Clue.

The Hollywood Reporter says Chandler plays the brother of 16-year-old Bella, so the lap thing is a wee bit creepy, even if they’re just on filming break. The movie also stars Ioan Gruffudd as the dad and Under the Dome’s Natalie Martinez as the stepmom.

Chandler also has the lead role of George Bruckner in Mercy, which is based on the short story Gramma by Stephen King. His co-stars include Dylan McDermott, Frances O'Connor, Shirley Knight, and Mark Duplass.

And Chandler also probably has to do schoolwork, since he’s still only 14. So he’s a busy young man. At least he’s busy doing cool things … unlike most of us at that age.

Congrats, Mr. Grimes Riggs!!

Source: Twitter