Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: Michonne's Walker Doppelganger on The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 9: “After”

Is someone keeping track of all the records The Walking Dead Season 4 is breaking and all of the lists it’s topping? Because that list just got a bit longer. Not only did TWD crush the Sochi Winter Olympics in the key 18-49 demo on Sunday, February 16, but the AMC drama also took top Twitter honors again this week.

Per TV Media Insights, TWD topped the Nielsen Twitter TV Rankings for the second week in a row, especially impressive when you remember that the show only returned from it’s winter hiatus last week. In other words, this show is killing it.

The Walking Dead was catapulted to first place thanks to some 484,500 tweets generated during Season 4, Episode 10: “Inmates.” Those tweets were then seen by an audience of about 4.88 million people. Not too shabby, TWD!

Other important events from the last week that got their fair share of Twitter love were ABC Family’s hit drama Pretty Little Liars, which generated 391,500 tweets, and The Bachelor, which led to some 113,400 tweets. It’s obvious that TWD was pretty untouchable, with nearly 100,000 tweets standing between the AMC hit and PLL.

Personally, we prefer to stay away from Twitter during TWD (you can miss so much by looking away for just one second!) but we love that the show has such a devoted audience that loves to talk about it on social media!

Do you tweet while you watch TWD? Tell us your viewing habits below!

The Walking Dead Season 4 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: TV Media Insights