We’ll admit to being glad that the Sochi Winter Olympics are over, if only because it means we can resume our regularly scheduled weekly programming. AMC’s The Walking Dead was one of the few shows that didn’t have to alter its schedule because of the games and now we bet the Powers That Be are even happier that they left well enough alone.

Many networks feared that the 2014 winter games would have a negative effect on their programming so they altered their schedules, but TWD faced no such problem. In fact, for the three Sundays that TWD and the Olympics overlapped in the same timeslot, the AMC drama reigned supreme each time.

Deadline reports that TWD even bested the closing ceremonies, which aired last night, February 23. Season 4, Episode 11: “Claimed”, earned a 6.6 rating with 8.4 million viewers in the key 18-49 demo, while the Olympics’ finale scored a far less impressive 3.2 rating, with 4.09 million viewers in the same demo. TWD didn’t just beat the Olympics with regards to that crucial group, it crushed them.

However, all hope wasn’t lost for the Closing Ceremonies, as they had the edge over TWD in total viewership. TWD pulled in 13.1 million total viewers while the Closing Ceremonies were watched by some 15.2 million people, which still marks a 29% overall decrease in viewers from the Vancouver Closing Ceremonies four years ago.

Are you surprised that TWD beat the Sochi Winter Olympics three weeks in a row? Tell us what you think below!

Source: Deadline