Credit: Getty Images Photo: Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln: Inside Television’s Best Bromance! (PHOTOS)

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) is known for being one of The Walking Dead cast members who performs his own stunts as often as he can, but it turns out he’s got bigger things to worry about than getting injured in a fight or falling from a roof.

In last Sunday’s Season 4, Episode 11: “Claimed,” we saw Rick scale the roof of a house to escape the group of scary dudes inside. This stunt meant that Rick had to climb out of a second story window, walk to the edge of the roof, and somehow work his way down. He handled it pretty seamlessly, but as was revealed on the post-episode installment of Talking Dead, it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

One of the “facts” stated that Andy performs “many of his own stunts” including the “roof drop” we saw in Episode 11, but the most harrowing part of that stunt probably wasn’t what you’d expect. According to the fact, Andy said the “most dangerous part” of that whole roof maneuver was “being distracted by Norman Reedus, who was busy mooning him from below.”

Credit: Norman Reedus on Instagram Photo: Andrew Lincoln Does His Own Stunts

We literally laughed out loud when we read this tidbit last Sunday night, and of course Norman found it funny as well. Daryl Dixon’s portrayer even Instagrammed a still of this ever-important piece of TWD information and captioned it with a simple to-the-point “Ha.”

We’ve always knew that Andy and Norman are close, but this takes it to a whole new level. We can’t wait to see what Andy does to get back at his buddy in Season 5, which is expected to begin filming in a few months.

Are you surprised that Norman mooned Andy while he was in the middle of a potentially dangerous stunt? Tell us what you think of their hijinks below!

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