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Have you seen Abraham Ford in The Walking Dead comics? He’s a beast with, like, old-school Schwarzenegger muscles. At one point, he grabs young Carl and throws him over his shoulder to run away from a herd — and it looks like this.

Michael Cudlitz is awesome and we already love him as Abraham ... but he doesn't look like that.

AMC asked Michael about his character’s impressive physique in the books; was that hard to match? “I was very, very fit for Southland,” Michael said, “but Southland had been canceled so I was taking a break. Then I got cast as Abraham and had to be on set in two weeks! I was not in the shape that I would have preferred to be in, to be honest, but I also said I wasn’t going to do anything unhealthful or drive myself crazy. And I just came to an agreement that me and Abraham were going to meet each other halfway.You’re talking about real life and comic book characters. Some people would comment [about me], ‘I like him for the choice but I don’t know if he’s big enough.’ I don’t know if anyone is big enough to play Abraham physically!”

Yeah, you’d have to find a massive body-builder and if you go that route, you’d probably sacrifice the kind of charisma, comedic skills, and overall acting chops of someone like MC. They made the right call!

Besides, it’s not like Michael’s Abraham isn’t muscled-up. He’s got game. And he’s got Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos). As AMC put it, brawn is at a premium in the zombie apocalypse. “Exactly,” Michael said. “And Rosita’s no dummy either. She’s probably not in it for the conversation.” Don’t sell your man short, Cudlitz. What girl wouldn’t want to hang out with a guy who says things like “son of a dick”? That’s a quality line.

Do you think Michael is big enough to play Abraham, in terms of physicality, or does that not matter to you?

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